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Mrs.Ellen Sharma Memorial Nursery & Primary School was started during 1977-79 in memory of late Mrs.Ellen Sharma , mother of our beloved founder Miss.Sakunthala Sharma. Mrs.Ellen Sharma always thought of children as her world and she strongly believed that Education can be the one and only greatest gift that can be given to a child.Dr.Venkatesh Narayan Sharma dreamt of a school as a beautiful garden filled with blooming flowers who were children , smiling and learning in an environment filled with happiness that made them forget the harsh realities of life. This school has an important place in the history of this locality as one of the first schools started in karapakkam with the noble vision of providing formal education to the children.

The school’s success also paved the way for its sister concern in  Sholinganallur  to take shape, grow and evolve subsequently that has completed 25 glorious years and is growing stronger. 

Our Founder



We are a Preschool , Nursery and Primary school with a heterogeneous student community from all walks of life  like first generation learners , children from rural areas & many children from our very own Alumni who keep coming back to our school generation after generation.

Our Objective

To provide holistic learning and development , laying a strong basic foundation for learning and ensuring a conducive learning environment along with reaching out to the needy, underprivileged and empowering girl children to get their rightful basic primary education.

  1. As the famous saying goes “If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need” , our school has both in abundance .
  2. Our library houses around 3000 books to feed their ever increasing curiosity to learn new things and also to fire up the imagination of our young ones.
  3. We have a Vegetable garden , Botanical garden and a Special student garden in our campus.
  4. The special student garden is lovingly tended to by our children themselves right from planting , weeding , watering, enjoying all aspects of gardening and benefitting tremendously by working as team , planning , problem solving and organizing thereby improving various essential life skills in a very natural and organic manner.
  5. The vegetable garden caters to planting and procuring school grown veggies which not only caters to the needs of the children but also introduces them to the magic of nature where a seed turns into a plant which bears a flower which later becomes a vegetable and so on ,there by instilling in them a sense of deep attachment to mother nature and to never take her for granted.
  6. Our campus is powered by solar energy thereby contributing our bit to energy conservation.
  7. We have incorporated Drip Irrigation throughout our garden and campus thereby conserving water in an effective manner.
  8. An Art & craft section to inspire, initiate and bring out the creativity of each & every child.
  9. Our school has a smart science laboratory for our young scientists to explore the infinite interesting concepts of science and beyond.
  10. Our Kindergarten is equipped with smartboard facilities to provide our tinytots with interactive & engaging visual learning experience and we follow the Kindergarten method of play way teaching..
  11. Our curriculum is deeply rooted in activity and skill based learning.
  12. The health and well being of our children is our primary concern. We provide the following